I was born on the 6th of February. On the same day with Bob Marley.
My family raised me just like any other normal family would do. I had a beautiful childhood with loving parents on the countryside.

When I turned 9 I got a guitar for my birthday from my uncle and I was very excited about it… for a few months , then I put it on the shelf and left it there ‘till I turned 14. After that point started the madness, I learned to play the guitar in 3 months then started playing the bass and I became fascinated about everything that was music. I started playing in bands as a bass player but I did not sing. I only sang backing vocals in all the bands I played with. Meanwhile school was going on and I graduated from high school, became a teacher for a year and then I was admitted in acting school.

After getting my actor diploma, I started looking for gigs so I can pay my rent but as a bass player I didn’t earn enough to support myself so I had to start singing. This way I started having lots of gigs and realized that I could do something more with my voice, so I went to The Voice of Romania. After achieving a 2nd place I got some self confidence and now I write my own songs, I have my own message that I want to tell people through my music.

Hope you gonna like it!